Lake Spanegg

Hiking to lake Spanegg was short and intense, everythin in it. The hike took us about two or three hours, but only uphill. Just arrived at the lake we had to build up our tent although the beautiful lake wantet us to take a chilly bath. After the tents we did, becaus whe water was terrible cold and we had to deal with our food for dinner (in fact i only had to look for dry firewood because i forgot my saussage at home). Between nothing and coffee (just kidding, my tentmate shared his food) a heave storm was looming. Surprisingly wie didn't see our tent anymore - the wind was forcing it down to the ground. We seeked shelter in the tent and fought inside the tent against the wind. After the strom and come coffee we found helathy sleep (exept Marcel, he build hit sleeping bog ontop of e rock the sizie of a fist. Bad luck or bad preparation...). This hike was so exciting and probably the reasen to make a journey to malmo with a tent.


The journey to Montfaucon in the canton of Jura Tobi and i cheated a litle bit. It started with the train from Flawil to Aarau and endet with an train from Berne to Flawil. In between we cycled all the way to the Rekkadorf in Monfaucon. My brand new Navi was not so bad at all. But also not as good as i expectet it may to be. All the way long to Monfaucon we took always a bit the stronger, higher and slower route than a normal cyclist would take.... Special highlight: We met a totally unknown woman i accidentally sent a birthdaymessage meant to get to my grandmother. One thing lead to an other and finally we all ended up drinking coffee at her mothers house. Realy funy storry 🙂

2014 Journey to some Lakes

The journey took us three day from flawil to Lucerne to Solothurn and finaly to Murten. Some ofe the probably most beautiful cities of Switzerland - reached through even more beautiful landscape along different lakes and rivers. I was distracted from enjoing the view and unfortunately slipped away with my ride and all my gears. A guardrail stopped me from sliding to the other lane. As many of my freinds alway tell: I still had my childhood-benefi: Nothing bad happend further.

2016 Vienna

The trip to vienna was a great success. Every planned daily stages ware perfectly adapted to our endurande and every places to sleep workd out realy well. Not to less ore many clothing, no flat tires, no accidents. Perfect mix between ambition, delightful cycling and culture.

2018 Malmo

No journey might will be as exciting as great as the riede to Malmo. No wonder: it was in many cases a premiere. Newer before i was such a long time on my bike, so far away from home or even such a long time without any travel companion. And who would have expected: I really liked it.