Scrubba Wash Bag

My little washing machine to go. It’s filled with water, soap and or course piece of clothing, closed and the trapped air is let out of the valve. Then you shake, stirr and rubb it. The Clothes are clean pretty simple and especially with little water. The knobs in the inside help.

During my last trip it was too stupd to me always to shower mit my dirty clothes or to flood half of the bathroom with too small sinks. I’m very excited about the gadget.

Nikwax Wol Wash

I wanted to have a special washing powder for every single piece of clothing. In consideration of given space and weight optimisation thats nonsense. I only use one reliable and mild soap instead. It’s perfect for wool. I think, everything else is also going to be clean enough.


Soap and washcloth

Classical, tried and trusted. Even a real shower fits in my lugage. The water bag (see chapter “cooking”) is added with a cap with holes. The amount of water can be regulated. 10l last for a showering pleasure at least 5 min. Only tap for warm water is missing…



Bread? Quite right: Dishwashing Brush and tea towel in one. Bread is the first of a three-level wahing up concept:

  1. Level: purifying with bread. Dishes and pans are scrub out with bread. For extreme dirt i recomend a two-stage-bread-tab (Bread with crust). Is simultaneously also part of dessert.
  2. Level: toilet paper. Can also be used during the first level due to lack of bread. Important: Only use fresh sheets from the roll!
  3. Level: normal wash with soap and sponge. Is necessary from time to time and also used on the bottom of the pans.