Tough 2 person tent with long apsis and footprint. I found a great offer online.

The tent is easy and fast to setup and a perfect choise for weekend trips as for high alpine expeditions. A journey to the North Cape will be no problem for this high tech tent.


Lightweight sleeping bag filled with goose down and little packing size. Comfort temperature for men: 4 °C, weight: 660 g.

I’m well known as a “gfrörli” (a person who often feels cold). With this inflatable mattress i hope the north isn’t all that cold. 

This mattress is an upgrade from my old Xlite and fixes an important bug: wide sleeping space and more warmness. Literally a real hotfix.

Inlet to safe my sleeping bag and better insulation.

Ultra small, inflatable pillow of incalculable value. Every pillow-user knows what im talking about. 🙂