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A helmet undoubtedly identifies me as a tourist. Most of the people ride bikes without. Even in countries where cycling is preferred to any other form of transportation.

Nevertheless: Anyone who knows me also knows a helmet is not wrong with me. I believe that, purely statistically, I have fulfilled my quota with accidents for the next 10’000 km.


An important way not to get a cold and not to be cold at my throat in chilly days.


The magic word is: Sheep wool. It’s does not smell like a sheep as you probably expect. And by far not as pathetically as clothing out of polyester or polyamide.

Preffered are of course those from the merino sheep. It’s wool is very fine and does not itch at all.



No, not during cycling but as house shoes in and around my tent.

TREMOLA Allround bike shoes

Casual and touring shoe in one. more comfortable and presentable than real bycicle shoes wiht carbon soles and protruding cleats.


During my holiday – and i mean the one i do during my vacation – i don’t cycle but walk. Voila.

What about rain?

No problem:


Mammut Nordwand Pro HS hooded

GORE Bikewear GORE-TEX Active pants

LÖFFLER ACTIVE GTX rain cover for shoes

The fine rain jacket from Mammut an a pair of great rain pants have already proven their worth.

Also the raincovers still do what they have to. Even if i produced holes in the fabric during the first test ride in the rain. The cause was a very stupid fall when putting on the rain covers when the rain finally started. When i drove off, i slipped of the pedals. 

Funny, usually things like this never happen to me…. 🙂