Outdoor Kitchen

Frankly my favorite piece on this trip. As is well known, I’m not a great cook, but with this gasivication stove i become a creative Chef of the Apsis. It swallows all sort of petroleum-based fuels: pure gasoline, unleaded gasoline, petrol, kerosene and even natural gas. I probably won’t try all of them on my trip. Gas is probably the easiest way to cook. But somehow gasoline has its charm. And anyway: “E chlii stinke mues es” (On say it when you cook a typically swiss meal: Melted Chease whith pieces of bread in it (Fondue)). 

Pans and Silverware 🙂

My mobile kitchen is compleated by an aluminum frying pan, two thin-walled chrome pots including a lid, a cutting board, a spatula, various bottels and containers of vinegar, oil, salt, pepper, herbs, bouillon, a tea towel and a military spoon and fork. A pocket knife does not have to be mentioned separately but a normal knife. It’s not as pleasant to eat with a pockent knife than an normal knife.

My most important cooking piece ist probably my chrome mug. It serves almost everything: Soup, bouillon-pasta, spaghettis, and coffee. Most of my meals i made in this cup. And so does it look like… 🙂

eat and drink

Honey and Grasshoppers?

I honestly don’t hope that i use the outermost resources. The daily pasta and oat consumption is quite large. But i’ll be still in europe ant not in the gobi dessert. A supermarket or something similar will be found from time to time. And in between i have an entire bag available for storing food. There is plenty of space for pastas, oatmeal, corn, rice, sugar and honey, chocolate, bread, bananas, vegetables… Possibly even on or the other canned food. Howeever, they are relatively large, heavy and impractical. Not to mantion the waste…

I have already tested finished products. Practical but, well, finished products…


Until now my 2 l folding bottle did a great job. But now i’m afraid not to be able to refill all my bottles twice a day with such long distances. So i take a 10l waterbag along. I don’t think it has always to be filled to the top but who knows…

For refilling in between a water filter protect me from diarrhea and discomfort. I often used water wells at home without dying but first I don’t want to take riskt far away and second, I just think a filter is a great thing. By the way it has an active ated carbon level and filters out even bad taste. Does it also work with burnt vegetables?


BODUM Bistro Nouveau Stamp Coffemaker

No, I don’t take a glas jug with me. My bike bottle just made it for one day on the last journey and it was made of plastic…! But the stamp is the very best part: It fits exactly in my chrome mug and works best to stamp a cup of coffee.