Daniel Brunner


  • swiss
  • September 18 1988
  • electrician / IT & telecom specialist
  • sporty
  • addictet to music
  • keen in outdoor activities


over me

I’m spontaneous, actively, keen on outdoor activities, sporty and all over the place. Further i enjoy cosy evenings inside with a galss of wine as outside at the campfire. I like to meet new people and after a rehersal of course i take a beer in the next restaurant with my fellow club mates. 

light & lamps

As an electrician  of course i’m a fan of technics, electricity ans illuminations. I fall especially for good lamps because they no tonly light up a space but also are important for the ambiente of an entire room. In some DIY projects i put some music instruments in the proper light. Find here some photos…


I spend a lot of my free time playing the trumpet. When i was 11 i got my first trumpet. After a few while i joined our youth ensemble. Now i’m member of the Harmoiemusik Flawil and Universal Brass Band Wil. From time to time i also play at funerals, weddings or festive worships alone, accompanied by organ or in a chamer orchestra. Every year i play the trumpet at “Steffi Lamour Prinz und Ihre Zuckerpuppen” – the very first Schlagermusic Band at Schlagerparade Chur.


I remember exactly when kids bike meeting was founded in school. My new bike – of cours with suspension fork – was put to the test immediately. Maybe that kids bike meeting sparked my passion in biking. Not even after a terrible fall (my beloved suspension fork broke while i jumped down a stariway…) i quit biking.

But i did some years later – no reason why.  Again some years later i bougt me a travel bike, shortly aferwards a roadbike – good desicion. Now i was back in the business and did a lot of rides, journeys and races.

The journey to Sweden was my biggest adventure. Reed more…